Fling your coffee! A caffeine infused entry.

WTJ Coffee entry v2

Intense espresso, coffee stained pages and colourful tie-dye. A mixed media page for the ‘Wreck This Journal’.

Pour, spill, drip, spit, fling your coffee here. The instructions are quite simply to ‘Wreck This Journal’ by any means possible, and in this case, through some caffeine induced artistic moment of expressionism!

I love this prompt. It really encourages the idea that art and creativity have no limits – even in Keri Smith’s easy to carry journal. The page is left empty with the exception of a speech bubble with the instruction and a hefty arrow pointing to where you should aim your coffee bean-shaped missile.

I (as expressed already in this stream of blog entries) love a good cup of coffee, so this entry was one of the first I wanted to create when I flicked through the bare pages of the journal. It sounded interesting, different, messy, uncontrollable? I wanted to have a try.

I decided I wanted to use the coffee as the art medium. I have stained pages with tea before to get that rich sepia tone, but never with coffee. So I ventured out to ‘pour‘ and ‘drip‘ as suggested on the page, marking the pages only with the coffee in the cup as well as leaving coffee shaped rings on the page.


  1. Coffee – freshly brewed.
  2. Coffee pods.
  3. Paintbrush.
  4. Pen.
  5. Pencil.
  6. Rubber.
  7. Coloured felt-tips. Fine nib.
  8. Spare sheet of plain paper.

Whilst drying, I opened up a few coffee pods to release the intense pigment of the ground coffee beans and began to use this almost as a type of paint, applying the colour to a separate piece of paper with a paint brush. This paper, would be for drawing one of the coffee cups from my favourite coffee shops and collaging onto the coffee spilt page.With the cup, I placed a few ‘splashes’ of coffee, with the names of mine and my husband’s favourite coffees to order and a small stamp card as a memento of the coffee shop. I pasted all of these visuals, layering one on top of the other.

All in all, after having my fun, it was looking set to be a rather dull coffee coloured entry with a pop of blue. Now this is the best thing about having a creative journal. You know when something can be pushed further and you don’t have to be afraid to try it – no one actually cares if it goes wrong! (Maybe you do…just a little!)

So picking up on the black accents on the cup, the signature branding of the coffee shop, I coloured the entire page in black – this making the brown, coffee stained marks more vibrant and warm. The speech bubble which started the whole process off, I applied pinks and purples as a reflection of the coffee pods used as well as a hint of blue to tie the whole page together.

Now that’s more like it. Theres a better balance of colour, mixed with different mediums that all compliment each other nicely, the original journal paper also adding a warm, textured quality.

This is turning out to be some interesting creative journaling – an expression of ones own abstract interpretation, a constructivist’s viewpoint, a colour mixer’s spectrum. There’s me thinking I just needed to colour within the lines!



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