Sew this: The needle and thread is the new paint and paintbrush.


A cotton reel and simple instructions. A cup of tea is needed and a good eye for threading that needle!

Im not sure about this one – do we think the line ‘sew this page’ from Keri Smith’s ‘Wreck This Journal’ is suggesting that we sew the page to another in the book? Or sew something onto the paper itself? Or to rip out the page and sew it onto another material? This simple question is interesting, it is also making me think about how we, as artists, perceive mediums and materials.

As I sit and think about the direction I am going to take this simple concept, I start to think about the process of sewing. The process of stitching every individual stitch so carefully and accurately, placing each stitch exactly where it is supposed to go. It’s a very precise medium of expression. The metaphor ‘a well woven story’ comes to mind.

The metaphor ‘a well woven story’ comes to mind. 

Afterall, this journal is a story, a moment in time that has been captured through a visual representation of our thoughts, feelings and emotions as we sit and create each page. For me, this is one of the positive aspects of the creative journal Keri Smith has created. There are so many different types of pages, with different instructions, that there is always a page to turn to whenever we are feeling creative – however, that creativity may not always be driven from a happy place, it can be frustration, sadness, loneliness or just simple boredom.


  1. Pencil.
  2. Rubber/eraser.
  3. Needle.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Pink and black cotton reels.

I liked the idea of creating very small stitches that all lined up, one next to another, to form lines – as though a pencil or thin paint brush had been used, and with these lines, to create a simple shape. The colours of cotton thread I happened to have at the time were magenta and black, so I thought the two colours would symbolically represent the emotions and feelings you could have in your heart when completing a creative journal entry. The lines, I let cross over and under, representing how positive and negative feelings can be clear and obscured at the same time.

The page itself is blank, with the instruction featured on the right hand side, leaving plenty of room for creating a unique piece of work, interpreting the ‘sew this page’ direction in whichever style you think is appropriate. Once again, the Wreck This Journal has given us a unique way of expressing the creative mind using a creative medium!

Dont you just love the way embroidery and stitching looks on the reverse?


Remember there is beauty in the imperfections as well.





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