The creative journal review is a visual guide and interpretation of the many beautiful creative journals that can now be bought and used for your own creative journey.

Although art journalling has allowed the creative process to become very accessible to the public, some find that amidst the different choices, materials, mediums, videos, blogs and posts, its hard to figure out where to get started or how to move forward when creating your own art journal. This review is a place to come and see trials and errors of art journaling that have already taken place. To learn what mediums are working well and what could be improved. To gain inspiration and see successes. To learn about different styles and approaches to creative journaling and to see the many different creative journals available to you as a creative individual.

Here you will find extracts and pages of a wide variety of journals created by many talented artists, authors and illustrators. All journals reviewed are available to buy from many diverse retailers and this is your chance to see if the journal is the right one for you, before purchasing. Here you will be able to see images of those pages in working condition, as opposed to reading a written review. The pages of these journals will have already been worked upon by myself using the materials and mediums that I like to work with. Through my own creations, I will give an honest and thoughtful review.

Alongside my own review, you can see descriptions of the mediums and equipment used in the creation of each page or journal, as well as facts such as quality of paper or print, ultimately, giving you all the information needed to make your own informed choice about the creative journal process.

As well as all of the above, I hope to also inspire you with my own illustrations and artworks, whilst reviewing the journals.